Keeping track of Mercury Retrograde August 2011

August 2-3, 2011
Exhaust system at Lolas breaks less than 12 hours into the retrograde. The system was working at 5:30pm on August 2nd, when the manager left the restaurant. Mercury went retrograde at 11:50pm that day. When we went into the restaurant the next morning at 7:45am, the system wasn’t working. We couldn’t operate the restaurant and all the staff were sent home. Technology failure (exhaust system) resulted in my inability to earn an income for the day (I’m a server and rely a lot on tips).

August 3, 2011
Rent cheque bounced. I have never had a rent cheque bounce in my life. More finance-related problems. Fuck.

August 4, 2011
So the exhaust system got fixed. I even texted my manager in the evening to make sure everything was functioning properly. And then, it stopped fucking working today at 12:45pm, in the middle of the lunch rush. We had to turn customers away and close the restaurant at 1pm, two hours before our usual 3pm close. More hourly wage and tips lost.

***despite MR hating on my financial life, I have been in a very good mood today.

August 11, 2011
Landlord called to tell me that the second cheque I gave him for August rent bounced. It’s showing that the money was taken out on my end. I even went to my bank today to get the teller to double-check for me; sure enough, she says that the cheque went through. I called my landlord to tell him I verified with the bank and that the money has been taken out. He says he has the returned cheque in his hand. I have no clue what is going on and will continue to track this money down. Soooo Mercury Retrograde.

Oh, and the tubes/pipes for one of our kegs at work had problems, so beer was leaking onto the floor, making the drink-making station reek of a bad post-frat-house-party house. The problem was fixed relatively quickly as fixer-guy came within an hour and a half or so.

August 12, 2011
Missed the free edible weeds walking tour put on by The Stop because the construction on Dufferin made it impossible for me to get to St. Clair West station on time :(

August 23, 2011
Misplaced my wallet and it took me half a day to find it. When I misplace my wallet (and it doesn’t happen too often), it usually takes about five minutes to locate. Because I couldn’t find my wallet today, I had to put off a couple of really important errands.



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2 responses to “Keeping track of Mercury Retrograde August 2011

  1. Stephanie

    Our POS system at work broke down overnight Aug. 2-3. It was working fine when they closed, and wouldn’t even turn on at 6:30 the next morning. It took about a week to get fixed, during which time we were taking orders manually. The following weekend, the till drawer jammed twice, and the calculator broke. I think I already told you this, but I think it deserves a spot in the master Mercury Retrograde log.

    Also, while I was typing this comment, the “D” key on my keyboard just popped off in my hand.

  2. Stephanie

    Yes, we talked about this. Definitely MR working hard to eff things up for you. It’s over on the 26th!

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