Kiyoshi Kuromiya “Biographmap”

I came across the name Kiyoshi Kuromiya a few days ago in the comments section of the latest Threadbared blog post featuring Alondra Nelson‘s newest book Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination. I had never heard of this radical-sounding POC before and decided to do some basic internet research on him. After doing some reading up on Kuromiya, I decided to create a visual mind map to help me remember what this man was about. The drawing contains references to Kuromiya’s background as well as the work he was involved in throughout his lifetime. Certainly, this drawing is simple and simplified, but I find useful in remembering someone I am glad to have learned about.



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4 responses to “Kiyoshi Kuromiya “Biographmap”

  1. Thanks for doing this. Also, he was a food critic.

  2. Che

    This is an awesome biographmap! So wonderful and he was a food critic, national Scrabble champion, so many things! A polymath :) I’m hoping to write his biography. (I actually posted the comment on the website about him speaking at the Panther’s convention). Really appreciate the map — its a great way of synthesizing and visualizing a person’s life and work!

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