Auditory hallucinations – Part II

Julia, my astrology teacher, told me that the voice I hear might be trying to protect me from whatever it is that is making me anxious or stressed out. The voice might be coming to me as a barrier to those things that my body is not responding well to. It is filling up my head space so those nasty things that make me feel bad can’t enter. I am intrigued by this idea. I have always just perceived the voice as a nuisance and a neurological/mental/physical response to anxiety…because how could something so loud and confusing be protective? But I suppose this voice could be one other protective mechanism in the vast pool of a variety of ways people protect themselves; some mechanisms are deemed “healthier” and more “productive” and others are labeled as “dangerous” and “destructive.”

Julia suggested that if and when the voice comes back, I could welcome it by saying like “I’m open to what you have to say,” whether mentally inside my head or literally out loud. This might open up space for the voice to do its thing, whatever it is.

And who knows? Maybe it is nothing beyond a response to anxiety. Or maybe it is something residual from my childhood. Or, or, or!

Regardless, if the voice does come back, I will try to refrain from taking anti-anxiety pills to chase it away so I can give it some time in order to see what it will do.


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  1. WHM

    Where is your work on shark-fin soup? We, your public, are hungry.

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