My mother taught me to love colours

As I sit in my kitchen, waiting for my carrots, endive, and onion to finish roasting in the oven for this roasted carrot soup, I think of my mother, who often says that it’s important to have colour in your food. For her, the importance of rich, vibrant colours was not linked to “health” (ie. health hypes telling us to eat dark greens for this and to eat reds and oranges for that!); she simply valued the aesthetics of a table covered in varying and vibrant colours. Her love of colours is obvious with her clothing. She mostly wears brightly-coloured t-shirts that are a bit too big, a bit too baggy (and some of which are hand-me-downs….from me! *guilt*). I love my mother for her bright wardrobe and her bright personality.

Doesn't this make you feel so warm and safe?

I sewed that applique onto my mom's t-shirt as a present for her when I was in high school.

As I grate the orange carrots and quartered the chartreuse endive, I think of her. I think of my mother, despite the fact that more often than not, she puts soy sauce in most of her dishes, subduing some of the original colour of the ingredients. And I know she throws in a dash of soy sauce in most things because it’s easier to flavour food that way than to take a lot longer, concocting dishes that retain all their greens, reds, and oranges. I think of her, despite the fact that she would never make a roasted carrot soup (“Pureed carrots? As soup? You call that food? Are you sure you can eat that???”), the beautiful shades of orange remind me of her love of colours.

My family's DIY family portraits from a year ago.

Eating egg tarts in the middle of the sidewalk in Taipei. Notice the bright blue against my sister's and my blacks. May 2011.

I think I might miss my mom. Mayyybe.


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  1. awwwwwwwww i love this teresa!

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