March 2012 in Review

What happened:

– Anxiously anticipated Kenji’s return to the city from his mom’s, where he was recovering. We got to spend a few days together before I left for Chicago, during which time I cared for Kenji, tried to get school work done, and frantically made what felt like a zillion copies of my zines in preparation for the Chicago Zine Fair
– Went to Chicago with Sarah!

My bedroom after Day 1.

The kitchen on Day 6 or so. See? Inhabitable.

– A week or so after coming back to Toronto from Chicago, our landlord informs Meg and I he is starting to do major renovations in our house (wiring, plumbing, heating/ac, new kitchen, installing washer and dryer) in three days. He “gave us warning” about two weeks prior to this, but never specifying which of the four apartments he was going to start on. Meg and I frantically packed most of our belongings up into garbage bags in fear of the dust storm that was inevitably going to take place in our apartment. Our apartment is inhabitable, covered in plaster dust and completely trashed. Major added stress to our lives. We are closing in on two weeks now not being able to live in our home, with no firm completion date in sight. I haven’t been to the house in the last five days. I can only imagine it is even worse than the last time I was there, considering they hadn’t even started doing the worst part of it (kitchen and heating).
– Moved in temporarily with Kenji, as the apartment gets renovated. The space is very small, but we have managed for two weeks now without pissing each other off. It’s been really nice, actually! Unfortunately, my lack of time management skills has meant that we haven’t been able to do very many fun things together because I’m always scrambling to finish school work. This will be over by April 5th.

 Some things I learned this month…

– I learned wonderful and valuable lessons from being at Chicago Zine Fest which I will be posting about shortly!
– If you’re flying Porter, always anticipate delays. That’s just the price you pay for a comfortable lounge with snacks and free Wi-fi. So book your flights accordingly.
– The only way to effectively communicate with my landlord is to yell at him, to interrupt, and to treat him like he is an irritating and stubborn uncle.
– I need at least nine hours of sleep a night to function properly during the day. This never, ever happens, but I’ve been going to bed early since staying at Kenji’s, since he has to go to bed early because of his early AM job. It’s been amazing.

A list of things I’m thankful for this month:

– Kenji. For allowing me to stay at his place for the past two weeks while my house gets renovated, with no end in sight. So thankful for a place to go to after class and work every day. And the rubbermaid container he bought me when I moved in for me to store my shit.

This is a poster for a workshop Mimi Thi Nguyen (Punk Planet, Evolution of A Race Riot, Slander), Osa Atoe (Shotgun Seamstress), Mariam Bastani (Maximum Rocknroll), and Daniela Capistrano (POC Zine Project) have been facilitating. A version of this workshop was held at the Chicago Zine Fest and I got a chance to attend! Besssssst.

– Old lady punks like Mimi, Mariam Bastani, and Osa Atoe. For their persistence, for their creativity, for their fierceness, for their resistance, for their opinions.
– Sharing groceries with Kenji and therefore, staying more accountable with what I eat. This has meant I have been eating out less since I (temporarily) moved in with him.
– Coconut oil, coconut water, fish oil. These things have made my month so much more comfortable and healthy.

The keywords for March are frustration, anger, rage, gratefulness, and relief.

What I’m looking forward to in April…

– To be fucking done with this undergraduate, non-degree bullshit. I’m so over it.
– Finding out whether I got into OISE for their BEd program (and consequently, my future for the next year)
– Riding my bicycle (which is really just Meg’s bike) around the city! Not restricted by streetcar tracks, subway maintenance, and busses short turning!
– Going to see a Miyazaki film at TIFF Lightbox! Magical worlds on the big screen, guys.
– Applying to the Fight Boredom Zine Residency in Montreal! I HAVE TO GET ACCEPTED. I MUST GO. I am forming the application in head right now…
– Maybe, possibly submit an abstract to the Feminist Art Gallery‘s upcoming publication, TIME SENSITIVE. The pieces in the publication will all examine what it means to revive historical queer and feminist work in contemporary times. !!!!
– Working on a new zine with Meg about being maladjusted queers and the shit we have beef about within queer social life.
– Go to the gym…a few times? Okay, I think I can do that.



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3 responses to “March 2012 in Review

  1. oh my god you MUST get accepted to amber’s residency! have you met before? she’s so awesome. i think it would be such a good fit for you. and! it would be a perfect excuse for me to come visit montreal in the summer.

    also so excited about the idea of a meg + teresa zine to read.

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