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April 2012 in Review

What happened

– I continued to be out of my apartment for the entire month of April while the place is renovated. had a few phone conversations with my landlord that involved lots of yelling. In the end, Meg and I won because I yelled at him enough for him to give up on me and to give me what I had asked for (pro-rated rent reduction, for everyday that he was going over a month. totally reasonable).
– Uranus began to square my natal Venus early April (and continues to do so), during which time some scary bullshit happened with one of the roommates of the place I was temporarily staying at. I had to leave that place as my home-base and move elsewhere.
– I finished the 2011-2012 school year. Not much to report.
– I was accepted into the BEd program at OISE! Hooray, another year of mindless schooling so I can get to where I want to be!
– Enjoyed the spring colours immensely. This is one of my favourite times of the year, when the city is greenish-yellow, yellow-ish green all over! As my astrology teacher, Julia Beyer said to me a few weeks ago, Taurus and Gemini seasons are the best because it’s only during those times that beautiful chartreuse shades cover the city. Ain’t gonna get those nice greens during Leo season! Nope!

– I didn’t cut my hair all month! It’s actually been, like, more than two months since I last cut my hair. I’m trying to grow my hair out as much as possible because…wait for it…wait for it…I AM GETTING MY HAIR CUT PROFESSIONALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FIVE YEARS. Yes, I’m waiting to get my hair cut by my hairdresser, Kitty, who is the best. I want her to have as much hair to work with as possible. Soooo, I’ve been lookin’ a little shaggy and feelin’ a little unattractive sometimes. Oh well, come the end of May, I will be a smokin’ hot again.

– Applied to the Fight Boredom Distro Zine Residency! And I actually applied, like, five days before the deadline, which, for me, is pretty much unprecedented in terms of applications and deadlines. I hope to be going to Montreal for the two week residency sometime in June or August!
–  Began reading my first Octavia Butler novel. This is long overdue. I first tried with Parable of the Sower, but just couldn’t get into it! I renewed my public library card and took out Kindred at the end of the month and have been devouring it. It feels so good to enjoy fiction because I haven’t been able to lose myself in novels for the last few years.

Some things I learned this month

– Hard transits from Uranus to my natal Venus is a terrible transit. Hopefully the next time it comes around, it won’t be as horrible as this one.
–  That’s it. That’s all I learned.

A list of things I am thankful for this month
mud masks, library cards, that my landlord isn’t raising our rent for the next year (that will make it five years without having my rent raised once), sarah creagen and her apartment.

The keywords for April are edginess, rage, productivity, and irritation. So…not too different from March’s keywords. Sounds about right; April feels similar to March, but ampli-fucking-fied.

What I’m looking forward to in May

– GOING HOME AKA TAIWAN AKA BEAUTIFUL ISLAND AKA MY LOVE. Going home with lil sis, Ruth, from May 10th to June 3rd. We are meeting our parents in Hong Kong first, to pay respects to my paternal grandparents and tomb sweep, and as a family trip. Then, it’s food food food. The best food in the whole, wide world. THE BEST, I TELL YA. And humidity (good for the skin!), heat, sweat, tropical fruits, scooters, pollution! 再見 Toronto!

This is my neighbourhood! And that’s my apartment building! The orange building with “Dadun 12th St” across it! Ahhhhh!


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